SunCoast RHIO offers standards based and government certified Products and Services and is a "full Service" healthcare

technology company.

The company reports PQRS quality Measures.

     All Measures and Measures Groups supported

     EHR Measures supported

     GPRO Supported

Hospital Quality Reporting and cross Ambulatory/Hospital Quality Measures Supported under the Value-Based Programs.

The Company is certified to electronically respond to audits, required pre authorizations, and appeals.

- CMS Qualified PQRS Registry - 3 Years

       For Quality Measure Reporting

- CMS Certified esMD HIH - 5 Years

        For Electronic Audit Response

- CMS QECP-  Pending Qualification

        Ability to pre-review Medicare Claims

- Experienced knowledgeable clinical staff

 You get reimbursement and/or avoid penalties for measures AND you keep your money.

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