MPG Systems Services:

Full-Service Medical Billing with Claims Submissions

The process of filing insurance claims is cumbersome and time consuming. Insurance companies seem to make it difficult to get paid, paying out as little money as possible.   It can be difficult for doctors to file and collect their insurance claims.

On average 32% of all claims are rejected, 5 to 15% get lost and never get collected, and the average time to collect is 60 to 90 days and even longer for Medicaid.

It takes employee time and overhead cost to manage the entire claims filing process. A typical physician's overhead and billing expenses account for 43.7% of gross income. This translates into an average of about one and a half clerical workers per doctor at an average annual cost of $51,564, not including vacation time and insurance.

Improved Cash Position

We improve your outstanding AR, bringing 90+% of your core insurance and x.12 EDI carriers within the “current 0-30 day column”.
Audit Preparation, Avoidance, and Electronic Responding

With our HIH partner, SunCoast RHIO, a federally certified entity in the CMS esMD program (electronic submission of medical documentation), you worry less about  compliance and lost time or inaccuracies causing missed deadlines.  This equal lost revenue.  We help you to make appropriate adjustments.

Back Office Function

Let us review your back office functions for you. We uncover areas where your staff may be unnecessarily undercoding , upcoding, or using inappropriate high level codes without the proper supporting documentation.  They may be applying edits incorrectly and pasting text in doctor notes that can get flagged in your EHR for audit.  We also offer HIPAA compliant communications with encryption using DIRECT Messaging with SunCoast RHIO.

Document Management Services

Claims submission in paper format costing the US government and you, billions of dollars in healthcare costs. Paper charts are vulnerable to aging and posing security risks. They lock up people, their time, and physical space in clinics.  EHR's are moving the middle man paper document handlers, like ROI companies, into the background of history.  The same security and consent protection they advertise can be yours for far less than what these companies charge.  It is about process today and about compliance. 

Electronic systems available today now make it possible for a new process, known as "e-discovery", where a government agency or an attorney firm can see the entire trail of patient correspondence, clinical care rendered, and matching billings.  Don't get stuck with a company that promises results without technology to support their claims.  MPG, in partnership with SunCoast RHIO, insures you have everything in place electronically to weather this coming storm.

Ask about our document management solutions and the variety of EHR's with and without practice management software that we offer and support.

Profit Recovery

Collecting the patient balance can be difficult. The percentage of patient outstanding collections decreases as time goes by. A substantial amount of the final sum is usually paid to the collection agencies (50% in some cases).


When contracting with the major carriers, including Medicare and Medicaid, we help you decide who to credential with and whether to be "In-Network" or "Out-of-Network".


Incorrect medical coding leads to underpayments, delayed payments, and denials.  We have superior strengths in this area.
Past Due Claims

We analyze your AR Summary by Payor Category (or generate one) to follow up on claims which exceeded more than 120 days. We perform rebilling, followup, recoding, and resubmitting if required.  We augment your current billing process, from claims submission to A/R followup and to cash posting.